Educating Elizabeth

Links to past blog posts

Seminary at Emmanuel Christian Seminary (2013-2016)

Why I Stay – “I stay because Jesus loves the church and I love what Jesus loves.”

Love in the Dark – This piece is a Sunday school lesson I gave at First Christian Church of Johnson City for their college ministry.

Mysterium Fide – A reflection on my faith surrounding the Eucharist.

Book Review: The Faces of Jesus – This is a school assignment on a Frederick Buechner text, The Faces of Jesus.

This and That – Reflections on the incarnation of Christ.

Friends – A memoir piece from a summer internship at City of Refuge in Atlanta, Ga.

Updated Introduction: I am a Monad – Introduction to the blog.

Mercy – Poetry, probably very bad.

Beautiful – A memoir piece from a summer internship at City of Refuge in Atlanta, Ga.

College at Point University/Atlanta Christian College (2009-2013)

“In the Beginning:” A Modern Retelling – A comedic piece written around Valentine’s Day, spoofing Christian ideas about romance through the story of Adam and Eve.

Hope Lives On – Early reflections on the link between economic suffering and hope.

The Covenant (fiction) – A fiction piece; a retelling of the Sacrifice of Isaac from Isaac’s perspective

Not the Way We Thought it Was – Thoughts about developing empathy for the people around us.

Longing – Poetry, probably very bad.

Right Here Now – “Where would we go, Lord? You have the words of eternal life.”

Calling – Reflections on the way I see continuity and separation between my parents’ call and my own.

A Supper Conversation – Cooking with theology!

Can’t Be Tamed Pasta (recipe) – A recipe for vegetarian pasta.

What I Learned Today – External reflections on friends.

Life Happenings – A justification for my first summer spent away from my parents’ home.

Holy Week – Theological reflection on sorrow at Easter.

How Do You Measure a Year? – My first year at college in list form.

Life in the Middle – My attempt to grapple with “culture shock” as a freshman in college.

Take the Training Wheels off and Grow Up – A “sermon illustration” I wrote for my introduction to preaching class.

Less Like Falling In Love – Musing on how to describe a close relationship with God without using romantic language.

Dangerous Mercy – Theological reflection on a beach vacation I took my freshman year of college.

Dichotomy – An early attempt to come to terms with my sense of “homelessness.”

Experience Doesn’t Make This Easier – Thoughts about the death of a close friend of the family. In this piece I make a comparison between the death we experience in baptism and the grief we experience when someone we love dies.

Monads – Introduction to the blog.