About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Reid is a graduate of Emmanuel Christian Seminary and Point University (Atlanta Christian College). While in seminary, she studied Christian theology and was drawn to liberation theologies from Africa, Latin America, and the United States. These academic interests turned practical and led her to accepting an internship with the DOOR Network / YAV in Atlanta, Georgia.

Elizabeth is a missionary kid, a lover of words and things that grow in dirt. She is a Hufflepuff, an INTJ, and a connoisseur of funny animal videos of all kinds. Moving back to Atlanta as a DOOR intern feels like moving home. Elizabeth hopes that her year of service will be a time of discovery and discernment during her transition from schooling to adulting.

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About how YOU can help:

And I do need help! I believe strongly that it takes a village and so I am reaching out to you, my village, to partner with me for the next year.

First, and most importantly, please pray for me! Transitions are not easy for me, and this one is going to be a doozy. Pray for me as I leave formal education and transition to practical, hands on ministry. Pray that God will give me a spirit of humility and openness to new experiences. Pray for the other interns coming to Atlanta and pray that we will form a strong, supportive community. Pray for my fundraising efforts, which, in the middle of graduation and moving (again!), have gotten off to a slow start.

Second, keep reading! This blog will be the best way for you to keep track of my (mis)adventures in Atlanta and I promise to update regularly and make it interesting.

Finally, this internship will be financially supplemented through many sources, one of which is individual fundraising. I am responsible for raising $3,000 to support my year in Atlanta. If you feel the Spirit urging you to support me in this way, you can do that here. Please designate your donation with my name and city placement: Elizabeth Reid: Atlanta.