A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s a privilege, y’all!

When I began the process of applying for a DOOR internship (right at a year ago, if you can imagine), Lydia at the Young Adult Volunteer office expressed some serious reservations about sending me back to Atlanta. I had family nearby. Lots of friends from college were close. In the past, these factors had led to….not-so-awesome group dynamics with housemates who did not have support networks close by. And who wants that?

Not me. So, while I pushed to be sent back “home” to Atlanta, I also made sure to put boundaries in place to prevent conflict from arising because of this. I talked to my parents about not coming home a lot. I did everything in my power to make sure that I didn’t take advantage of my “hometown advantage” (I think this is a sports term? Sports friends, please advise).




This is the mattress I was sleeping on. It was causing all sorts of back pain. I’m sorry to say that, at 26, I am no longer young enough to be able to sleep wherever I want without consequences. I am an embarrassingly delicate flower. Friends, I tried a lot. Here is what I tried, in order:

  1. Ignoring it (September-February)
  2. Yoga. I LOVE Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube. She has special videos for back pain, neck pain, and for sleeping better!
  3. A mattress pad.
  4. Chiropractic care.

The chiropractor is EXPENSIVE. But living painlessly is priceless. That’s what he said, at least. He also asked me how old my mattress was. I told him I didn’t know. THEN he asked if I had access to a better mattress and, because my parents tell me I can’t lie to doctors, I told him I did.

Basically, this is his fault.


After, or This Mattress is My Favorite Thing in the Whole World

I took the house van home on Sunday afternoon and picked up the mattress I used in seminary (shout out to my father for buying me a mattress for seminary!). Then I drove back to Atlanta and carried it upstairs BY MYSELF (yes, I am super strong, thank you. No, my roommates were not home).

Today is Wednesday and I have had three nights on the new mattress and here is what I want to tell you who are not doing a year of intentionally simple living:

You probably do not appreciate how hard it is to do life things when you are constantly exhausted. Here’s a way you can add compassion to your life: When you’re grocery shopping and the cashier is rude to you, say to yourself, “I wonder if she had to sleep on an awful mattress last night?” Or, when the minimum wage fast food worker gets your order wrong, ask yourself, “How long did she spend in bed trying to get comfortable before falling asleep?”

In related news, I fell asleep last night at 7:00 pm and woke up at 8:30 THIS MORNING. Yes. That is all.


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