Resolutions for a New Year

I love the new year. I love beginnings, real or imaginary (thank you, Gregorian calendar!) and I love resolutions. Friends and family will know that I am goal oriented to a fault and January 1st is a fantastic excuse to make new goals and plans. Of course I have plans, goals, and dreams for what the rest of my YAV internship will look like, but for now, my biggest concern is learning to live in the now. I’ve been in school for so long; it was easy to believe that “real life” would begin after I graduated. Even now, seven months after graduation, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m still waiting for something. But I don’t want to wait anymore. So for the next year, I’m planning to enjoy life, in whatever moments it gives me.

These, of course, are pictures from last year. Left: Becca and me with red plastic peppers sticking in our ears as we decorated for Christmas. Top Right: the YAV/Dwell gang at Dwarf House in Hapeville before Christmas. Bottom Right: Christmas tree selfie.


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