My life is different now. I've kept silent for months now because I don't know what to say. Like many things, my YAV year does not have a happy conclusion. There are no storybook endings for life and I don't have a conclusion for this season of my life. It makes me mad, honestly. But … Continue reading Twirling


Welcome to Normal

This post contains some adult themes. One aspect of my job is doing intake interviews over the phone. I'm responsible, in a short, 15 minute or less conversation, for deciding who gets to come into our program and who "isn't a good fit." These interviews involve some demographic information--what's your birth date, social security number, … Continue reading Welcome to Normal


This is not an apology. My last post was about bringing my mattress from home to the Dwell house in Atlanta. Since then, my sleep has improved dramatically. I traveled to Johnson City for Easter, went on a regional retreat with the other YAV sites (more on that later, I hope!), wrote an article for … Continue reading Silence